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CCTV / IP Cameras
IP CCTV cameras installed on exterior of building

The cameras you install for the protection and monitoring of your property must be reliable and give you the quality it takes to be able to identify any occurrence that is important to you.

We take that service to the next level. And, our installers work with you to be sure you're cameras cover exactly what it is you want covered.

We install only enterprise level Network Video Recorders (NVR) and camera combinations, and offer a selection of Video Management Solutions (VMS) . Since you cannot be everywhere at once, having a Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) system that you can depend on is vital in today’s world. 

We provide cloud based systems that will allow you to check-in anytime, and from anywhere using your mobile device!

We offer ongoing maintenance services to ensure that you will always have the coverage you were depending on when you installed your security camera system.  Periodic firmware upgrades, checking lens and lens covers for damage and dirt are some of the preventive measures that might be difficult or time consuming for the average business owner.

We take that service to the next level. And, our installers work with you to be sure you are covering exactly what it is you want covered.

“I have used Transcend Communications and Joe Duffield for all our telephone systems, camera systems and paging systems for the past 20 years. I found them to be extremely reliable and honest in all they have done for us. Their employees go above and beyond to meet all my needs and are polite and courteous as they do it. I would never use anyone else for any of my needs and highly recommend them as a local owned and operated business. You simply can’t do better than Transcend Communication.”

– Trey Adcock, Adcock Furniture & Design

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